I Got Trigger Happy

I got trigger happy again! Ā With my camera, of course! šŸ™‚
I just took so many photos from last weekend and just this weekend.
I have been puttingĀ editingĀ them off for a while now.
I was able to narrow down some of them.
I am excited to update my website and also my other social media accounts,Ā i.e.Ā instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook and wordpress.

I will be posting some of the photos soon!!!

Thanks for checking out the blog portion of the website!


Ā Ainee

Finally getting back…

I am finally getting back to taking photos. I have had a crazy year last year… and crazy past few months. I can’t say that I’m back full time. So I’m only able to do a few scheduled photoshoots at a time because of schedule constraints. However, photography is still my passion and I’m always going to try to pursue it, no matter what!

Thank you for your continued trust.