Still here…

Yes, I’m still here.  🙂

I haven’t been taking photos as much as I hoped.  However, I have been able to update more of my blog.  It’s a combination of 2 of my passion:  food and photography.

Try checking it out:


Leaving Wix

My website have been hosted by Wix for the longest time.  For years, I have kept the website and the domain name.  But now I want to try out a new place.  I noticed that I am more inclined in blogging rather than posting just a few photos on my site.  I feel like I can have a better collection of my portfolio while being showcased inside a blog.

I will not be renewing my plan at  I will slowly be adding more photos here on this blog.  I have nothing against Wix.  My focus has shifted a bit and I don’t have the need right now for that type of website.  Who knows, maybe coming over to WordPress will help me in trying to get more of my photos uploaded here on a more regular basis.

I hope you that you will try to visit my WordPress account more often.  Now that I’m becoming more active on this hosting site / blog.




I have been more active on my Instagram account.
Curious on what I have been posting?

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I Got Trigger Happy

I got trigger happy again!  With my camera, of course! 🙂
I just took so many photos from last weekend and just this weekend.
I have been putting editing them off for a while now.
I was able to narrow down some of them.
I am excited to update my website and also my other social media accounts, i.e. instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook and wordpress.

I will be posting some of the photos soon!!!

Thanks for checking out the blog portion of the website!